Individual Forex course


Individual Forex course
Especially for those who want to be properly prepared for their future profession as a trader, we have organized a system of individual training. Our specialists will have a meeting with you, during which they will determine the level of your preparation, and then based on that your training plan will be developed. Thus, you are offered an exclusive opportunity to get trained according to a training plan specifically tailored for you, which will, to the greatest extent possible, meet your needs and level of preparation.
Our trainers will guide you through the Forex trading course, explain unclear tricky issues, help you to develop your own trading strategy and test it. Apart from that, they will help you pick a reliable broker and assist you with other associated issues.

The individual Forex courses include a number of masterclasses led by successfully practicing traders. Face-to-face communication will enable you to see in real-time mode how professionals trade and ask your questions.