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NZD/USD Forecast: 08.06.2016

Reserve Bank of New Zealand's Official Cash Rate Decision and Monetary Policy Statement

On June 8, 2016, (21:00 GMT), an official cash rate decision by the RBNZ and its monetary policy statement are anticipated to be released and right after that an RBNZ press conference is to be held.
This time it is expected that the official cash rate will be cut by 0.25%.
As a rule, such actions are accompanied by a rapid weakening of the national currency. The mild tone of the statement might spark a big sell-off of the New Zealand dollar.
In this case, a sell position on NZD/USD, opened upon the release of the official cash rate decision, can make a profit of $1,500 in a short period of time, with trading one lot.

New Zealand Official Cash Rate 08/06/2016 21:00 GMT 100 pips - $1,500


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